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Previous Council Experience

Bruce is an experienced and accomplished Councillor. His eight years as a Councillor included the positions of:

Co-Chairman of the Environment Portfolio (6years)

Chairman of Shire Services (2years).

Deputy Chairman of Planning Dept. (3 years).

Chairman Sunshine Coast Beach and Water Safety Committee (4 years)

Deputy Chair Counter Disaster Committee (4 years)

Director Tourism Sunshine Coast (3 years)

Delegate Regional Consultative Group SEQ Coastal Management Plan (4 years)

Delegate Maroochy Wetlands (4 years)

Delegate Maroochy Shire Bicycle Reference Group(2 years) 

During his time as a Councillor, Bruce earned the trust of his divisional residents and built up a solid standing among the region’s many community groups. A large part of his time as a Councillor was dedicated to supporting the community and its numerous service, cultural, sporting and volunteer groups. He did this by:

Regularly attending committee meetings

Supporting local events

Actively assisting groups with special projects

Becoming actively involved in any special studies, surveys or major community projects

Providing regular forums for community discussion. 

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